Titanium Engagement Rings – Make The Right Switch

Diamonds are a girls’ best friend, so the saying goes. Most girls love diamonds due to their beauty as well as the value that comes attached to it; that the person giving them this gift values their love for them. However, there are also gold rings which are pricier. In fact, there are many other precious stones which can be of good value to show love with. Let’s think titanium for a moment.

Advantages of Titanium

The word titanium might not sound that good, but this metal has such excellent properties that can beat most other metals.

  • Titanium does not corrode, rust or even get dull overtime. This is due to the strength of the metal. This is why the titanium rings are very popular with men, since you can even go swimming in the sea without it getting corroded or fading. You can thus do quite a number of things while wearing your engagement ring.
  • Titanium engagement rings hold their shape for a very long time; again due to its strength. If you have had a silver or gold ring for a long time, you will notice that apart from scratches, the ring has some bent edges on it. This never happens with titanium engagement rings.
  • Finally, despite the name, titanium rings are actually very attractive. Titanium engagement rings can also have some other precious metals inlayed in them to create an intricately designed ring. You can thus personalize your engagement ring by requesting for the name of your fiancé or even a love quote that you both share to be engraved on the ring.