The Increasing Popularity Of Pear Shaped Engagement Rings

The most memorable day in any girl’s life is probably the day she received her marriage proposal. And this memorable day needs to be made all the more special for your partner by gifting her the most beautiful ring. Believe me, girls spend a lot of time contemplating on the rings that their partners have given them. And rings form a major part of their marriage decision. So to make this item right you can choose from a variety of options available. The fastest growing trend in this genre is the pear shaped engagement rings. These rings are becoming immensely popular among the “would be” brides. Perhaps the most elegant and beautiful aspect of these rings is the pear or the tear drop shape. They are wider at the top and taper towards the bottom. These cuts simply make the rings a must have.

Pear shaped engagement rings often come in various sizes and shapes. You can choose to opt for different stones other than diamonds for a budget friendly item. The most important aspect of pear shaped engagement rings should be checking the symmetry of these rings. So make sure you check that.

They can come in various cuts and styles. But mostly they come in solitaire, being the favorite of all girls. The diamonds for these rings are generally set perpendicular to the ring. But of course, there are certain stores which can do unique settings to make the pear appear cross wise.

So don’t spend much time thinking about buying this ring. Go and grab the opportunity before it runs out of style.