Red Ruby Engagement Rings Showcasing Unending Love

Red is my all time favorite color. It not only boosts my mood but also enhances my vitality. Keeping in view of this I received an elegant beautiful ruby engagement rings from my fiancé. Crafted on platinum it was the utmost romantic gift I ever received from him. The ruby engagement ring was enriched with pigeon blood ruby indicating the premium quality of gem. Pigeon blood or red bloods are the most royal qualities of ruby. The brightest the red color the greater the quality it has. Color is the most decisive factor when pricing ruby. Cuts are another factor increasing its viability to be fit in different bases o rings. Flat tabular hexagonal shape of ruby is the most commonly used shape. Some cuts and shapes are very rare and are limited to only top quality rubies such as emerald cut, marquis, and triangular. Ruby is no doubt an expensive stone and its price keep on increasing with every additional carat. You can find countless designs of ruby rings in markets as well as online. White gold, yellow gold, platinum are some of the extensively used bases for embedding ruby. Different carat ranking is now available in bases to match your requirements and needs. Floral design, vintage style, cushion cut, crystal cut, round cut is few of many available designs. Ruby forms a supreme and royal combo when adorned with diamond or any other precious gem. For me my ruby engagement ring is a symbol of timeless and unending love of my fiancé.