Real Diamond Engagement Rings That Will Make Her Smile

There are multiple real diamond engagement rings but you have to ensure that you select the type that will make her smile and love you more.

Double halo real diamond engagement ring

This is a very stunning engagement ring adorned with the very best carat of sparkling diamonds; the ring is designed in such a way that it aids in basting the lavish diamond halo setting at the center of the ring with additional set shoulders made from pure diamond and the best part is that the ring is available in different sizes. It is therefore the perfect way to express the love that you feel for her.

Diamond solitaire engagement ring

This ring is the perfect representation of real diamond engagement ring in that it has a glamorous solitaire carat with four claws and additional diamonds on the set’s shoulder. It is also very distinctive and elegant when worn and it always considered as a sparkling gift that will make her treasure the love you feel for her forever.

White gold real diamond engagement ring

This ring features both diamond and gold; the central curve features shimmering diamonds whereas the rest of the ring features white gold. It has a brilliant round-shaped stone with an additional claw setting at the center. The best feature on this engagement ring is that you can personalize it. It is not only a real diamond engagement ring but also a piece that will make your lady love you forever.

The half eternity engagement ring

This ring features five sparkling diamonds carefully cut into claw shapes and set on a luxurious diamond surface. Its style is timeless and the best gift that symbolizes your love.