Is It A Right Move To Opt For Pear Shaped Diamond Rings?

Pear shaped diamond rings are also referred to as the tear drop owing to the shape. When it comes to engagement rings, women are pretty particular about opting for diamond rings. With a plethora of options available, women now have more choices to pick from various shapes of the diamond. Many women wonder whether a pear shaped diamond ring would go well for an engagement ceremony. The answer is yes.

Women also have doubts about wearing a pear shaped diamond ring. They cannot figure out whether the point end should be towards the knuckles or towards the finger nail. There isn’t any written rule actually. You can consider wearing what suits you the most. It is also said that keeping pointing ring towards the nails offers a slimmer look to the finger.

As there are plenty of options available with variety of wide to slim cuts in a pear shaped diamond ring, these rings are gaining immense popularity. From the perspective of a setting, there isn’t much versatility offered in the pear shaped stone when compared to a round shaped diamond.  These should be carefully handled as the end part is quite sharp. These rings require 6 prongs setting of which 5 hold the curved portion and 6th one protects the pointed end.

The setting of a large pear shaped diamond set along with smaller pear shaped diamonds in the horizontal position is quite popular these days. Celebrities have as well been fascinated with pear shaped diamond rings. Katherine Heigl is seen sporting a pear shaped diamond ring.