Ideas For Engraving Your Promise Ring

Promise rings have long been associated with commitment by a couple to stay true to each other before actual engagement and marriage. It can also be made to symbolise a good number of other things like dedication, commitment, love and support to religion, faith, personal goal, or an idea. An engraved promise ring usually conveys more meaning or message than that which is not engraved. Engraving is very useful because it makes a promise ring more personal a. It is also important to know that using an engraved promise ring as a gift is likely to be more appreciated than a simple promise ring which is not engraved. So when you want to offer a gift that is meaningful and which is to be highly valued, then engraved promise ring is a very an option. Some useful ideas for engraving promise rings are briefly discussed below.

Use religious phrases

Consider engravings with scriptural references when buying promise rings of this type. A good reference is the bible. Engraved promise ring of this type are useful when purchasing them for a friend or loved one. It can also be purchased for personal use.

Personal idea

You can also consider engravings that represent an idea or experience. Depending on who the ring is meant for; you can choose a short description that represents the purpose for the ring. If you are purchasing the ring for personal use, an idea or phrase based on an experience you had in the past or your philosophy will usually suffice. However, when it is meant to serve as a gift to someone else, then a phrase about a special memory one shared may just be good.


Choosing an engraving with the name of a partner is usually very romantic. You can compose a special name for that person or just use a nickname.