How To Wear Your White Gold Wedding Rings

It is always customary to wear your white gold wedding ring on the finger that is next to the pinkie on the left hand but there are different ways that you can use to symbolize that you are actually married.

You can creatively wear your white gold wedding rings in the following ways:

  • Wearing your wedding ring with a necklace

It is one of the safest ways that you can wear your wedding band especially if you are involved in activities where it may distract you. The wedding ring can therefore act as a glamorous pendant on a beautiful chain.

  • Wearing your wedding ring with a bracelet

Wearing your wedding ring on the bracelet is not only comfortable but it will also give you the freedom of moving your ands without worrying. It is also safer especially if you are involved in heavy machinery work.  Moreover, it is much easier to personalize your wedding ring on any bracelet. The important thing is to ensure that your bracelet does not hang loosely because you may end up losing your wedding ring.

  • Wearing your wedding ring a body piercing

This style favors most ladies; for instance in the Indian culture, it is customary for women to wear wedding rings on the nose. Wearing rings on body piercing is considered unique and also elegant.

  • Wedding ring tattoos

Wedding ring tattoos are also glamorous in that they take all the trouble of always wearing a wedding ring; there are multiple styles that you can try out.