Exquisite Round Engagement Rings To Take Your Women’s Breathe Away.

The sheer choice offered in engagement rings nowadays leave a man overwhelmed. The shapes in which the rings come also vary a lot leaving the buyer confused with choices. Out of all the different types of shapes existing the round engagement rings have their own special place. These round engagement rings are called so based on their round cuts.

Round cut is the most popular and the most coveted one too. The size of the diamond is round and these rings generally come with an expensive price tag attached to them.

Another less expensive option to the round cut is the simple oval one. This has an elongated shape and can give the illusion of wearing a bigger ring than its round counterpart. These are, however, less costly than round ones.

One shape that is gaining momentum is the pear cut. This resembles the shape of a pear and also called as the tear drop. It has a wide top section and tapers towards the end. The tapering section is generally worn at the end of the finger to give a slimming effect.

Another shape fast catching up with the traditional round shape is the marquise shape. This generally represents the shape of a rugby ball. This shape hence looks a lot bigger than it actually is.

What ring would better represent the symbol of love other than a heart shaped one? Truly, representing the love that you possess for your beloved these rings are unique in their own way.