Emerald Engagement Rings For Your Fiancé

Engagement rings play a vital role in glorifying any relationship. These days people have become more conscious about quality of engagement ring been given. One such exotic piece of jewelry art is emerald engagement rings. If your fiancé is accustomed to Taurus, Gemini and Cancer zodiac signs an emerald engagement rings will also be the lucky charm for her since it is the birthstone for people born in May. Emerald is associated with the goddess of love, The Venus. Emerald is a bright green precious stone normally ranked according to their properties which are color, cut, carat weight and clarity. Premium quality emerald possesses the highest rank of clarity. Talking about colors of emerald you can find emeralds from blue green to yellow green hue but the main primary color needs to be green compulsorily. Every single cut enhances emerald beauty but classic emerald cutis the most renowned style. An emerald engagement ring with such cut can create a wow factor. However, if you are interested in a supreme combo of diamond and emerald a circular cut will be a good option too since it maximizes the sparkle and twinkling effect of emerald.  Buying emerald engagement ring is not a piece of cake you need to have a sound budget ranging from 1000$US to more. However quality of emeralds is debatable for different regions of world like US emeralds did not have recognition in Europe and UK because they have also included green vanadium-bearing stone to emerald category.