Embracing The New Tradition Of Male Engagement Rings

Long gone are the days when men were expected to propose a woman for lifetime commitment. In today’s feminist world women are considered no less than men and are walking hand in hand with them. Working women professionals are not difficult to find. The cliché of only a man deemed fit to propose a woman is slowly fading. It is not uncommon to find women having a salary at par with men and striving for their own financial independence.

This emerging wave of the 21st century women is also reflected in the woman expecting equal commitment from her man. So for this a growing percentage of women are opting for male engagement rings. The jewelry designers are also trying to embrace this new trend in men’s jewelry with open arms. No more are only women subjected to the tradition of wearing rings to show their loyalty towards men. Male engagement rings are a new way of showing to the world that men can also sport their commitment towards their better half by wearing exclusive male rings.

New and sturdy designs suitable for the male structure are finding a way. Generally the size of these rings is big, and they can come in many different kinds of metal designs. From titanium to palladium, these rings are here to break the long running trend of female oriented rings. The conventional colors of rings are also giving way to more vibrant and unorthodox ones like black and white. So the male engagement rings are definitely breaking the cultural barriers and moving forward on a new path.