Beauty At Affordable Rates: Silver Diamond Rings

Diamond jewellery has been the pinnacle of style for many years and will remain so for years to come. It is the hardest substance available on earth and it finds a lot of applications in the industrial field. But the major application of diamonds is in making jewellery items. Almost everyone would a desire to wear a diamond ring. But because of their high price, common people seldom have enough money to buy themselves a piece of diamond jewellery. These are available in various designs and forms. Diamond rings made of gold are the most popular ones among the people. But gold too is very expensive, so the entire price of the ring shoots up. This makes it even more difficult for commoners to buy one. This problem needed a solution and silver diamond rings came into the market as a consequence.  Silver is a metal that is strong and at the same time is extremely cheap when compared to gold. It has all the properties that are required to hold diamond. The low prices made silver diamond rings popular among the middle class public. Earlier diamond rings were only affordable to the rich and powerful section of the society. But with the arrival of silver diamond rings in to the market, almost every person can afford a diamond ring.

Silver also has a major disadvantage. It loses its shiny view very quickly. A blackish coating appears on its surface and this destroys its shiny appearance. Hence they need to be polished frequently to keep them shiny and beautiful.