All About Tension Set Engagement Rings

Most of us are used to the traditional engagements rings made of gold, silver or diamond. There is a contemporary ring that is the tension engagement rings. These rings are different from the traditional engagement rings in the following aspects:

  • Make

Traditional engagement rings are made from gold, silver or diamond. Tension set engagement rings are however commonly made of other metal such as titanium or stainless steel and coupled with a precious or semiprecious metal such as diamond or topaz.


  • Build

The tension rings are made differently from the traditional rings. A process whereby the metals are first made very strong and springy is applied. The precious metal such as diamond is then held in place by pressure from both ends of the metal. Tiny etchings are added on the edges of the metal to help the precious gem have a sitting place.


  • Beauty

The way the precious stone is held in place by tension is nothing but a marvel to many people. Thus, your tension set engagement ring will attract the attention of many people who will be curious to know just how this is possible. You will thus stand out from the rest of the crowd with this ring. Furthermore, many intricate designs can be accomplished only with tension rings. Its wearers thus stand to be unique.

  • Durability

Since the metals used to make the tension engagement rings are made of very strong substance, especially titanium and stainless steel, it is difficult for the ring to be shattered by daily wear and tear. Most of these rings are custom made, meaning that you will not find a single one-size-fits-all tension ring to try out. Your measurements will thus be taken first before the ring is made.